The Time is Urgent

On November 4, 2009, the day after I arrived home from five weeks in Asia, I woke up with a very strong prophetic impression. I saw, by strong impression, a presence standing at my bedroom door and heard in my spirit words that were very clear. That was thirteen years ago.
This is what I heard:
“The Lord is speaking to me this morning as I wake up and sit before Him that there is a season in which His people must move or lose. The season to alert and train the young generation is now. It is a season that will pass. There is a core or cadre of children who are foreknown and
predestined by God to be central in the last battle and to make a name for Himself. The prophetic word for today is “Seek these kids while they may be found. Call upon them while they can hear.” (Isaiah 55:6) The day is coming when it is too late and too dark. If our generation
does not move now, the young generation will not be positioned to receive and handle the coming power or trials. This call for the church to move looks like an opportunity and looks optional. Once the door to obedience is missed, however, no amount of repentance can reverse lost destiny.
When God calls us to move
 There is grace for the change.
 There is lack of opposition to the change because the element of surprise gives His
change-makers advantage on the playing field, so to speak. The Holy Spirit moves God’s people to anticipate spiritual disaster before circumstances prove the need. He guides to provide escape. We must move while we have light (revelation) becauseonly while the revelation is active can effort be effective. (John 9:4)” End of my impression from the Lord The word was significant to me yet it would have stayed in my personal journal if I had not
received this confirmation. Neville Johnson’s newsletter, Secrets of the Kingdom, Series 3, Volume 3, arrived in my email inbox shortly afterward. It was titled “Time is becoming more
precious”. In brief, he confirms what I personally heard from the Lord. He wrote Many will never experience old age
There is a generation that will not live to be old; they will not experience Old Age. God said that He would pour out His Spirit on our sons and daughters and this great outpouring would usher in the end of this age. Parents with young children and teenagers should realize that they need to prepare their children for an entirely different life in relation to the limited time left. They need to prepare their young people for a coming new world order—that of the Kingdom of God in the earth. If you knew that you would only live a few more years how would you live your life? This age is expiring and we are living in the dawn of a new age.”
In the year 2022, we no longer need to anticipate changes. They are daily reported by print and media. The
window of opportunity is closing, perhaps only a crack at the bottom, but it is still an opportunity. Prioritize
your future leaders—the children. Reach and teach and disciple them to follow the only one qualified to lead
us—Jesus Christ, the living King of kings.

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